About Pittsburgh PEAC

The Pittsburgh chapter of PEAC was formed in 1998.  Since then our primary focus has been to bring the highest quality education in the specialized care of companion parrots to the people of Western Pennsylvania. Our monthly seminars are based on the most current, up-to-date research in the field of aviculture. With new information being presented every day, we are all still learning what it takes to be a good companion to these beautiful, intelligent, prey animals.

In order to enrich our basic education, PEAC has been responsible for bringing some outstanding speakers to Pittsburgh, including:

  • Phoebe Linden, author, breeder, and noted speaker
  • Diana May, doctorial candidate and field researcher on the behaviors of wild African Grey Parrots
  • Dr. Lisa Paul, DMV
  • Diana Holloway, behavior consultant, writer, lecturer. President of the Amazona Society.
  • Sally Blanchard, author and parrot behavior specialist
  • Dr. Vanessa Rolfe
  • Liz Wison, Certified Vet. Tech., author, and columnist.
  • Dr Irene Pepperberg, founder of the Alex Foundation
  • Mark Bittner, author of “Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”
  • Ms. Gudrun Maybaum, author and nutritionist
  • Diane Grindol, author and founder of the Monterey Bay Cage Bird Club
  • Pamela Clark, parrot behavior consultant and author

Contacting the Pittsburgh Chapter of PEAC:

Parrot Education & Adoption Center
P. O. Box 741
Monroeville, PA 15146

Phone: 724-378-7588