Adoption Policies

  1. PEAC does not purchase birds, even to remove them from bad situations.
  2. PEAC will accept birds donated to our organization.
  3. PEAC does not breed birds or place any birds into breeding situations.
  4. PEAC does not adopt birds to children.
  5. Potential adoptors of small birds are required to attend our “Basic Bird Care” seminar.
  6. Potential adopters of medium to large birds are required to attend at least the following three seminars: “Basic Bird Care,” “Parrot Personalities,” and “Behavioral Problems.”
  7. Potential adopters will receive a copy of our adoption application after attending the required seminars.
  8. All potential adopters will receive a home visit performed by one of our volunteers before being approved for adoption.
  9. Approved adoption applications will be placed on a waiting list if a bird is not currently in our system that would be a good match for the approved adopter.
  10. Only one parrot acquisition per home or PEAC membership is allowed in an 18-month time period.
  11. Adopters are required to pay an adoption fee and reimburse PEAC for veterinary fees the bird may have incurred.
  12. Adopted birds are to remain in the home and be treated as a member of the family.
  13. Adopted birds may not be sold, given away, bred, or used for any type of monetary purposes.
  14. After attending the mandatory seminars, those wishing to adopt a first-time large bird, such as a Amazon, African Grey, Cockatoo, or Macaw will be required to spend hands-on time with the species of their choice under supervision of one of our volunteers before being approved.
  15. As a general rule, we will not place a Cockatoo, Macaw or other noisy bird in an apartment or condominium.
  16. PEAC will not adopt birds as companions to other birds.
  17. PEAC does not place birds into aviary situations.
  18. Birds must remain in a 100% smoke-free environment.

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