Wake up and smell Coffee

We’ve gotten in a brightly colored lorikeet that’s healthy and looking for a good home.  Generally called a Rainbow Lorikeet, Coffee is, more specifically, a Green Naped Lorikeet.  Peppy, colorful birds, lorikeets have a nice sweet smell, likely a result of their special diet.  They don’t eat seed and grain based diets like other parrot type birds do, they’re more like jumbo hummingbird parrots, loving their fruit and nectar.  Coffee is about 12 years old.  He mumbles, whistles, coos, and jumps around.  Maybe he’d like the Bunny Hop.

The picture was taken shortly after he came in, while he was still undergoing quarantine.  He has been checked by a veterinarian, as have all our adoptable birds, and his claws are now properly clipped.




Sunny the Sun Conure – ADOPTED

Sunny is about 14 years old, and therefore, is past some of the rambunctious frenzy of an immature bird.  He readily steps up, eats a variety of food and treats without getting finicky about it, loves his cage, and can be trusted to come and go at his discretion.  His foster keeper has described him as a, “perfect bird.”

Sam – Moluccan Cockatoo – ADOPTED


Sam is a large, sweet Moluccan Cockatoo, with good behavior and feathering.  An adult, at age 28, he has settled from the more excitable antics of a less mature bird.  They can live 65 years and there are cases where some have lived over 100, so Sam is certainly not old.  Peach or Salmon colored, Molluccan Cockatoos are  larger than all the popular white colored species such as Umbrella, Eleanora, Thin Billed, Bare Eyed, and even the large, Greater Sulfer Crested Cockatoos.

Baby Doll Is a Sweet, Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo – ADOPTED

Baby Doll is a sweet girl who loves to dance and interact with her folks.  She’s believed to be about 3 or 4 years old and has been handled more by women than men in her past.  She has handled well for me, though, and I’m a guy.  This species generally has an affectionate personality and is slightly smaller than the popular, umbrella cockatoo.

Sam, the spectacled Amazon parrot – available for adoption


Spectacled Amazon parrots, also known as White Cap or White Front Amazons, are the smallest of the Amazon parrots.  They have a milder, quieter, demeanor than many of the larger and flashier species, but don’t lack at all in the personality department.  Sam is about 13 years old.  He is old enough to know who he is, the tantrums and challenges of  his developmental phases now being behind him.  This pretty guy is very intelligent and likes to hang out and eat vegetables, blueberries, raspberries, and raw cranberries.  He has not been handled a lot in the past few years, so will need someone with a bit of patience, while he remembers the manners he learned when he was younger.



Birdy, a Sun Conure – ADOPTED


Conures, small to medium sized members of the parrot type bird family, are sometimes referred to as “parakeets”, but lots of people who have them, just call them “parrots”.   Birdy is a Sun Conure, one of the more popular conure species, and is a young adult at about 13 years of age.  As an adult, he is calmer than a less mature bird, but he is, by no means, “old”.  Actually he’s just coming into his adult prime!

Birdy likes showers, eating a wide variety of foods (sometimes at the same time), cuddling, and hanging out with his adult family and friends.  Sweet as he is, he would prefer not to share his new home with young children.

Mango is a Citron Cockatoo – available for adoption


Mango is about 12 years old.  She’s a Citron Cockatoo, which is one of the supspecies of  the Lesser Sulphur Crested cockatoo family.  When she gets very  interested in something, she raises those striking colored feathers into a round crown, and you can see her bald spot in the middle of it.  There’s nothing wrong with her, they are all bald under their crown.  Mango eats a wide variety of food, doesn’t make a lot of the usual cockatoo noise, and likes softer, shredable toys.  Larger than a Goffin Cockatoo, but smaller than an Umbrella Cockatoo, she has a sweet disposition, can be handled and especially likes men.


We Are Coming to the East!

Come visit me at the Open House

We are having a “Basic Bird Care Seminar” and “Open House”

Held at: The Norwin Public Library on Sunday, February 20th at 1:00 pm

We will be holding an Open House & Basic Bird Care Seminar.  There will be adoptable birds on hand including Cockatoo’s, Amazon’s, a Macaw and others.  Several varieties of enrichment items from different makers including Ellen Smith and Penny Corbett will be on hand.  We will have specialty food items that are healthy and wholesome for your flock.  Hand Painted Ornaments and Artwork from local artist Bette Jo Traggiai is being added to the inventory this year . Light refreshments will be served. All proceeds will benefit our educational programs, outreach and the care of the foster birds in our program.  The success of this event and your participation is essential to our mission of , “Setting the highest standard in quality education in the specialized care of companion birds in Pittsburgh.” So, come on down and get those hard to find items, meet the birds in our foster program, and help PEAC continue its work with Pittsburgh’s parrot community.

Additionally, Jeff Morneweck our webmaster and Vice-President will be teaching a Basic Care Seminar.  Are you feeding your companion parrot the proper diet, and providing an appropriate cage and toys?   This class will cover all the basic information about keeping a safe and healthy parrot.  Topics will include:

  • Selecting and locating the proper cage
  • Choosing the right toys
  • Nutrition
  • Grooming
  • Safety

To register for this seminar, please see the Seminar Page.

This event is free to all.

Attending this seminar meets one of the requirements for adoption any size bird from PEAC Pittsburgh.

The Brady Girls Go Home

Cindy, Jan, and Marsha — a trio of beautiful budgies — have found their forever homes. Congratulations, girls!
If you are interested in adopting a bird from PEAC, please see the “Adoption” section of the menu for information.

Meet Stanley and Stella

Meet Stanley and Stella (the Kowalskis)!

Stanley & Stella are Blue Peached Faced Lovebirds. They were relinquished when their owner lost interest in them. Although they are not hand tame, they are very playful and will spend hours preening and fussing over each other.

Stanley and Stella are looking for their forever homes.  Attendance at a Basic Care seminar, an adoption application and a home interview are required to adopt Stanley & Stella.